" Ancient trader"

" Ancient trader"
an artists depiction of the tragic fate of the shipwreck in which "obscura reliquias" was sold many of its artifacts.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Post of many

obscura reliquias is a series of gaff art, LARP props for COC and SPFX peices made by myself and a few talented guest arists that are close friends of mine. I have been working in the SPFX field for over 8 years and have been tattooing for over 10. My goal is easy, to produce high quality, highly collectable and limited number peices by hand for no other reason than for love of my craft and for the lore they are based on. I have several peices in the works right now including already made and bound tomes complete with accents and reliefs on the covers, a DIY tome kit that will include the tome itself with already weather pages and unpainted un trimmed trimmed accents for the cover, all the way down to some sillicone picked punks based on COC and CL. Please check back, this is going to be an strange and exciting journey.

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