" Ancient trader"

" Ancient trader"
an artists depiction of the tragic fate of the shipwreck in which "obscura reliquias" was sold many of its artifacts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

DEEP ONE SKULL FOUND. Off the coast of the chesapeake bay.

One of the only remains found of a pureblood deep one found by a dredgeing fishing boat over the last weekend after a abrupt squal. (limited numbers available) email SKULLDOZZER@GMAIL.COM  for more info.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You ask and you shall receive.

I have a few projects that are in the works and will be available in the near future, but until then i would like to hear from the COC community and know what you folks would like to see turned into a prop for your games or even for the hell of it.  Best suggestion will get a finished prop that they inspired for free from OBSCURE RELICS and it will be offered to the community with their name as designer. THis could be a lot of fun, so dont be afraid to get involved! post anything that helps, sketches,paintings , pictures, ANYTHING go nuts!
for ordering info please send and email to SKULLDOZZER@GMAIL.COM sorry folks, i had forgot to post up contact info.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cycloptic Fetal Skull Part II

Pictures of the "Grave wax" version.

Available now in VERY VERY limited numbers. Once that number is produced, the mold will be destroyed and NEVER made again.-obscura reliquias

First Artifact from unidentified wreck.

Our first Obsucre relic is a cycloptic Fetal skull dredged up from the sunken hulk of a unidentified wreck near the portsmouth region of the chesapeake bay. Not much information could be found on this bizzare piece excpet that it was head for Miskatonic University before the ship that held it was sank under suspicous conditions. The orginal stock photo for the schools healthe department was found in the same chest, brilliantly preserved as seen below.

Cycloptic fetal skulls are casted from high impact resin and  loaded with details, from the cranium cracks to the singular orbit. Two finishes available, "Grave wax" (aged  with a look straight from the grave using various stains, etc) and a muesum grade polished white. This is available in VERY limited numbers. Would be a great addition to any anatomy collection or as a specimen surrounded by mystery in the mythos universe as used in the opening description.
NOTE: Not an orginal sculpt, but replicas of the real thing, i was given the extreme privilege of making a mold. to my understanding and knoweldge (given to me by a credable source, a smithsonian employee) there are only two existing cycloptic fetal skull specimens in existance and one resides in the smithsonian and the other in a british muesum. Even if this information isnt nessacarily true, its still an anatomy peice you arnt likely to see again. extra details and retooling were also added.

First Post of many

obscura reliquias is a series of gaff art, LARP props for COC and SPFX peices made by myself and a few talented guest arists that are close friends of mine. I have been working in the SPFX field for over 8 years and have been tattooing for over 10. My goal is easy, to produce high quality, highly collectable and limited number peices by hand for no other reason than for love of my craft and for the lore they are based on. I have several peices in the works right now including already made and bound tomes complete with accents and reliefs on the covers, a DIY tome kit that will include the tome itself with already weather pages and unpainted un trimmed trimmed accents for the cover, all the way down to some sillicone picked punks based on COC and CL. Please check back, this is going to be an strange and exciting journey.